We thought that we should share with you a thank you sent in by one of our clients who used our exclusive escort service. The client gave us permission to use it as long as he was not identifiable.

I have been using escort services for the past 3 years. As a frequent business traveler I find the ease of arranging companionship in any city in the world through just a phone call suits my busy lifestyle.

I have used several services in London which have all been fine. The girls have been fine and the dates have always been OK. But like everything else in my life, I want the best.  I fly first class and drive the most expensive cars and stay at the top hotels. So what I want is the most exclusive escort service that complements my lifestyle. When I first contacted you I found your receptionist to be first class. She was discreet and knowledgeable, knowing exactly where I would be staying. She arranged to call be back at a time that suited me, even though it was the middle of the night in London. Those kind of things impress me.

I mentioned that I would be in town for three days and the receptionist asked it there was anything she needed to arrange for my date. I mentioned that I would be dinning at the Ivy and then taking in a show. She was so knowledgeable and offered to help with any arrangements that needed making.

She was also courteous when I inquired about the girls. I had seen a couple that caught my eye and when I spoke to your receptionist she obviously knew the girls well. This may seem like a given but it is not. I have called many agencies in the past to ask about the girls and they really do not know them. This tells me that your company understands this business and you also keep hold of your best girls, something to be applauded and also something that reassures me that you treat your escorts well.

I commend you for your professionalism and your attention to detail. You really took the time to find out what kind of companion I wanted and delivered on all fronts. I will certainly use your excellent service again.

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