In the previous post we shared a letter sent in by one of our clients who recommended our services. With his permission we are also going to share the review he gave us of his elite escort.

I have met many, many girls around the world who have been billed to me as elite escorts. The girl you sent me is one of the very few who have actually lived up to that billing.

You should be very proud as an organisation of how you have selected and retained these girls.  Your appraisal process is obviously first class and the description given both by your website and your excellent receptionist were true and accurate, meaning that when my date arrived she was exactly what I expected.

When she came she was even more beautiful in the flesh. She was a true beauty. But she offered much more than this. She arrived perfectly on time and as she was shown into my hotel suite, was polite and courteous.  We took some time to get to know each other, she was a lovely girl, a great conversationalist and very intelligent.

He clothes were appropriate for the evening we had planned, elegant yet sexy and they looked great on her. She was wearing the perfume I had asked the receptionist to supply, a great touch so thank you.

When we dined she was well mannered and knew how to read a menu. She was happy to take my recommendations on some dishes yet confident enough to choose some herself. Despite the status of the restaurant to her credit she did not get overawed, despite their being an A list Hollywood actor on the next table.  We took in a show where I met some friends. I introduced her as my companion for the evening and my friends found her charming and interesting whilst she was a model of discretion.

All through the date she was great company. I had no worry about the places I took her or the people she mixed with.

I am not going to name her as I think this recommendation, as much as it is about my elite escort, it really is about the company who supplied her. You really take your time to find the best girls, and more importantly, you appear to keep them. She was proud to represent your organisation and I could see she truly valued the experience of working there.