Age: 21
Nationality: European
Location: London
Height: 5`8
Bust: 32 D
Hair: Brunette
Eye Colour: Brown
Size: 8
There are very few things I enjoy more than my Hermes Birkin bag or my sexy pair of Christian Louboutin heels, and one of those things is spending quality time with a mature, affluent gentleman. A man that has travelled and experienced the world, who can captivate me with tales larger than life and respect me for the sexy intellectual that I am. Nothing turns me on more than a man that can hold me close and wrap his strong arms around me, shielding me from all adversity as I treat him like the king he is.

My name is Amber and I’m a lover of all things high-fashion but my secret lust lies with something not many have had the privilege of seeing: my sexy lingerie. I have a massive collection from brands like Agent Provocateur. My favourite item is my Alina babydoll: the feeling of the high quality sheer mesh against my large tender breasts and perfect, erect nipples gets me in the mood almost instantly. Because it’s see-through I usually compliment it with a tight little black thong, the feeling of silk against my tender, shaven lips moistens me instantly!

My favourite activity is a late supper in London at one of the popular, high-class restaurants. Get me a table with a penthouse view and I’ll be your sexy, brunette London escort slave for the rest of the night! After a nice, long supper I like to go back to a popular hotel where we can have champagne and caviar as I give you a relaxing massage before we turn in for the night…