While London is an area filled with glamour and entertainment, men certainly don’t want to be out on the town alone without a female companion. Many people get confused between what an expensive escort is and what a high end escort is. First, let’s discuss what the differences are between an escort that is expensive and one that is high class. Believe it or not, there is a difference.

Differences between Expensive and High Class Escorts
As far as appearance, an expensive escort mostly resembles a porn star with blonde hair, attractive looks with large breast implants. A high end escort is also attractive but is more natural looking in appearance and is not always altered surgically.

Also, high class escorts are mostly college graduates when compared to expensive escorts. The biggest difference between the two is when it comes to the services they offer. Expensive escorts will focus more on the sexual part of the encounter whereas the high class escort will focus more on creating a real connection with their client. Also, the high end escort will encourage intellectual conversation with their client.

London Escorts are Very Elite
London high class escorts are thought of to be the most elite women in all of London. They are not only attractive but they have some of the most unique features around. In addition, London women have specialized etiquette and manners that you won’t find anywhere else. This means that you can take them to the most sophisticated party or the most elegant restaurant in town and you can be proud of the woman that is on your arm for the evening. Your friends and colleagues will be in awe of the beautiful and intelligent woman you have as your date.

London Escorts Make the Perfect Companion
London escorts make the perfect companion too. The reason is that they are not only the most beautiful women in town but they also can carry on an intellectual conversation as well. London high end escorts are highly educated and will be current with all of the latest news and happenings going on around them. In addition, they also have a high sense of fashion. These escorts have a keen fashion sense and style. They can make any outfit look stunning from a fancy pair of jeans to a fancy mini skirt.

What Makes Escorts in London Unique
As one of the best high end companions around, they make their appointments longer than an hour so there is that time for conversation and companionship. They can talk about most things from pop culture to politics to environmental issues.

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